Presidents Welcome

As you would be aware, the 2020 Field Days were cancelled due to the Covid virus. We, the committee, are very confident that the 2022 event will go ahead as planned with most people vaccinated and, hopefully, it has run its course by then.

Having not done a very good job of the 2020 Field Days, I have been re-elected as President. Let us all hope for a better result this time.

However, on behalf of the Eyre Peninsula Field Days Committee, and our volunteers, I invite you to attend the 2022 Field Days at Cleve and experience this extraordinary showcase of our agricultural industry and lifestyle programme at its very best.

Whether you do this as an exhibitor or a visitor, we are sure that the time and effort will be very interesting, entertaining, and well rewarded.

With approximately 500 exhibitors and up to 20,000 visitors over the three days, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet people with the same aim in life. That is to improve our farming systems, increase production and make life in the country more enjoyable and worthwhile.

We are focused on providing a unique and fulfilling experience for all who attend and exhibit with something of interest for all members of the family, no matter what their age.

We realise that to be involved as an exhibitor requires considerable input from you, but we are also confident that you will be well rewarded as this is a fantastic opportunity to display your products and services to the rural community. Having the opportunity to see and experience a wide range of new products and have their operation explained one on one, to learn about new technologies and management systems, and, most importantly, to meet the exhibitor face to face is very valuable to the end-user.

We consider all our exhibitors and sponsors vital to our event, and it is with great appreciation that we recognise all they have contributed to the Field Days. We will do our utmost to make it a worthwhile experience for you.

The organising committee is a passionate and dedicated group, and I would like to thank them and all of our volunteer and community organisations for their participation and hard work that help make the Field Days such a success.

I encourage you to be a part of the biennial Eyre Peninsula Field Days and look forward to seeing you here in August 2022.

Geoff Bammann – President

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Eyre Peninsula Field Days is to provide a platform in which to showcase new farming technologies, innovation and inspiration for our rural community. Through displays, guest speakers and demonstrations, the exhibitor and customer experience builds growth, education, partnership and sustainability.