Exhibitor Information

The Cleve airstrip is situated 3kms east of the site. A courtesy vehicle is available to and from the airport and town. Please advise the office of your requirements.


An extensive list of accommodation options is available on the website. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused to host properties.


During the Field Days, exhibitors may only provide coffee/tea and light refreshments. Full meals are not permitted. Exhibitors providing light refreshments must adhere to health regulations regarding the safe handling of food. Strictly no urns or coffee machines are to be used. There will be catering for exhibitors from Monday the week of the Field Days.


Closing dates for applications
All applications must be received by June 1st or a $100 late fee may apply.


Courier service
A courier service will be available for goods weighing more than 5kgs or awkward to carry. Please indicate on your application form if you will need this service.


Digging danger
Under no circumstances is digging of holes or driving in of pegs allowed on your site. Please indicate on your application if you need post holes or contact the office for advice on any other digging requirements.


All displays must be in place by 5 pm on the Monday of the Field Days and must not be removed until after 4:30 pm on the Thursday.


Due to public health and safety issues, no dogs will be allowed on site (service dogs excepted).


An Eftpos cash out facility is available next to the office on D road.


Emergency services
St John’s, Police, Country Fire Service, and SES will all be in attendance. Please contact the office if you require any of these services or 000 in an emergency.


Exhibitor passes
All exhibitors will require a three-day pass at $30 each. Please indicate the number of passes you will need on your application form. Exhibitor passes can be collected from the office until 6 pm on the Monday of the Field Days.


Gate times
Gates will open for exhibitors from 7 am to 6 pm and 8 am to 5.30 pm for the public. There is to be no camping on-site or in the car parks.


Site holders must abide by the relevant regulations for the use of gas bottles inside marquees and must inform the office of their intention to use gas.


New releases
Please indicate on your application form any new releases you are exhibiting in order to be eligible for the New Release Award (agricultural releases only).


The parking areas for exhibitors are at the north/west and southern ends of the site and you will be provided with a parking pass to access these areas. Due to safety concerns, exhibitor passes into the grounds will be limited and vehicles must be off-site again before 8:30 am unless the vehicle is part of your display. Please indicate on your application if you require a vehicle pass.


Due to overloading problems, all electric urns, coffee machines, and space heaters are banned. Small kettles are permitted. It is essential to indicate realistic power requirements on your application form. All electrical equipment must have current test tags attached.


Premium site surcharge
Corner sites on inside rows in pavilions are regarded as premium sites due to increased passing foot traffic and will attract a surcharge.


Public address advertising
Advertising over our PA systems is available for the duration of the Field Days. Further details, costing, and booking sheets are available on the website. Please indicate on your application if you would like to take up this offer.


A loading ramp is available 24/7. Please refer to the site map for the location.


Security/Safety watch
Safety watch commences at 6 pm and ceases at 7 am from Monday night until Friday morning. Exhibitors are responsible for their own security outside these hours.


Rubbish collection, forklifts, and crane services can be arranged at the office. Advance bookings are appreciated.


Site sharing
It is essential to list other exhibitors sharing your site on your application form. This assists us with exhibitor listings, advertising, contacts etc. A site sharing fee of $100 per additional exhibitor applies.


Work health and safety
All exhibitors and their employees must abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as it applies to South Australia. The site allocated is considered an extension of the exhibitor’s workplace. You and the EP Field Days have a responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors to your site. A material safety data sheet must accompany any chemicals brought onto the site.