Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Site Application & Payment
All fees, as set out herein, must accompany an application form.

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance for exhibitor sites is incorporated in the site fees.

Amplifiers & Loudspeakers
Amplifiers and loudspeakers are strictly prohibited.

Excessive Noise
The Committee reserves the right to regulate the use of machinery on static display sites which produce excessive noise causing annoyance to other exhibitors and the public.

Offensive Material
The Committee of the Field Days shall have the power to remove articles, signs, pictures or printed matter which, in their opinion, may be a cause of offence to the public or officials of the Committee.

Subletting or Sharing Sites
Except with the written consent previously obtained from the Committee, the exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any part of their space or purport so to do.

Site Appearance
Exhibitors are responsible for the condition of the area covered by this contract both during and upon completion of the EP Field Days.

Liability & Acts of Parliament
Exhibitors hereby accept all responsibility for, and shall hold the Committee indemnified against any damage or injury to any person/s or property which may be occasioned by, or arise out of the use of any machinery, implement, or apparatus of any nature whatsoever used in connection with the stands and/or demonstration, and exhibitors hereby undertake to faithfully conform with the requirements of any Act of Parliament which may govern the erection of structures, displays and/or demonstrations and/or sales of machinery and other products, and also to conform with any regulations by-laws or rules made under such Acts of Parliament or by any Government, semi-Govt, or local Govt Authority duly authorised to make regulations, by-laws or rules in connection herewith. The Committee shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property whilst on site. Over-night safety watch arrangements will be made by the Committee from 6pm Monday until 7.00am on Friday.

Cancellation of the Event
If the Committee should find it necessary to cancel or postpone the EP Field Days, contracts will cease to operate upon notice to the effect, and the Committee will not be liable for any compensation or refund to exhibitors.

New equipment only may be displayed for sale. Used equipment of the current model may be brought on the ground for demonstration use only.

Flag Poles
Flag poles over 3m in height are not permitted to be erected within 2m of any point directly below overhead powerlines.

The exhibitor shall not conduct any competition or game without the authority of the Committee.

The Committee reserves the right to cancel this contract and to retain any money and in relation thereto if there is, in the opinion of the Committee, any infringement of any of the foregoing conditions and/or exhibitor does not occupy the space at the commencement of and during the full period of the EP Field Days.

Cancellation by Exhibitor
Any exhibitor cancelling less than 21 working days prior to the event will not receive a refund unless the site can be suitably re-allocated. Cancellation must be received in writing. Site Fees include a compulsory $100 cancellation fee which is non-refundable.

Operating Conditions
The Committee and/or the landholder on whose property the EP Field Days are being held reserve the right to amend operating conditions at any specified time.

Livestock permitted on the area only by arrangement with the Committee.

Site Re-allocation
The Committee reserves the right to re-allocate any sites which are not occupied by 6.00pm on Monday 8th Aug 2022, unless prior arrangement has been made.

No Overnight Camping
Exhibitors will not be permitted to stay overnight on-site over the Field Days period.

Speed Limit
Displayed speed limit must always be adhered to, and not exceed 5km/h (walking pace).

The sale or provision of alcoholic drinks is prohibited without prior Committee approval and appropriate Liquor Licence.

The Committee reserves the right to switch off electricity.

Exhibitors are responsible for all damages to accommodation venues. See Accommodation page for information.

Right of Refusal
The Committee and Administration of the EP Field Days Inc. reserve the right to refuse in its discretion, any entry of any exhibitor or to refuse to allot space without having to assign any reason for that refusal, including if there is an infringement on any foregoing conditions and/or if the exhibitor does not occupy the space at the commencement of and during the full period of the said field days. The Committee reserves the right to restrict Exhibitor numbers and site sizes.

The EP Field Days is committed to safeguarding your privacy by ensuring your personal information is protected in a way that observes our own values, as well as complying with the requirements of the National Privacy Act.